Balfe: 14 Songs to Poems by Longfellow for voice and piano



FE54     voice and piano

1. The Reaper and the Flowers
2. Good Night! Good Night! Beloved
3. The green Trees whispered low and mild
4. This is the Place; stand still my Steed
5. The rainy Day
6. The two locks of Hair
7. Annie of Tharaw
8. The Day is done
9. Daybreak
10.Stars of the summer Night
11.The old House by the Lindens
12.The Village Blacksmith
13.The Arrow and the Song
14.The happiest Land

To celebrate the double centenary of Balfe’s birth (2008), Fountayne Editions has produced this collection of his fourteen songs to poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882). Longfellow was very popular in Victorian England and in 1884 he was the first, and only, American poet for whom a commemorative sculpted bust was placed in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey. More recently, Longfellow has been criticised for being too sentimental but it is precisely this aspect that inspired some very fine music from Balfe. “The Reaper and the Flowers”, for example, is an undeniable masterpiece and many others are very good.

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