Stott: Position Perfect! for Violin or Viola



FE2014                Violin (2014a) or Viola (2014b)

27 Tuneful new studies in second, third, fourth, fifth and half position

Position Perfect! is a collection of contemporary studies for the student of Grade 6 – 8 level, exploring the second, third, fourth, fifth and half positions.

A fingering is given at the start of each study to make it clear which position to use. The whole study is to be learnt in that position, if possible without relying on pencilled fingerings. This approach will prove invaluable for advanced level sight-reading.

Position Perfect! is not a book for the initial learning of positions but rather for increasing knowledge and security. Less familiar aspects of the positions are explored; unusual chromatic placings of the fingers and some of the more difficult keys are covered, while also giving particular attention to the notes which lie on the lower strings.

The increased facility thus gained will help as the student begins to encounter chromaticism and extreme modulation in orchestral repertoire. Most of the studies involve another aspect of technical or musical development as well as the position. Sometimes this is a bow stroke, sometimes an unusual time signature or rhythmic effect. There are also some unusual chords and plenty of harmonics to keep the player alert and entertained.

The studies are of varying length and complexity, so the student can develop confidence in each position over a period of time.

Alternatively, he/she can explore the volume out of order to test how well the information has stuck. And, although the studies are tonal, there are some surprising melodic twists to keep ears, fingers and brains fully engaged!

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