Bach: Duets arranged from the works for solo violin



Fountayne Education
Arranged by Roy Mowatt

Andante (from BWV 1003)
Largo (from BWV 1005)
Sarabande (from BWV 1002)
Loure (from BWV 1006)
Menuets (from BWV 1006)

These duets give the student the chance to play actual movements from unaccompanied Bach long before they would be able to attempt the pieces by themselves. The standard is Grade 4-5
Playing score £6-99

Since Bach’s music for unaccompanied violin is extremely taxing, Fountayne Editions has devised a number of publications to help prepare the student before they go on to tackle the Sonatas and Partitas.
Other such publications:
FE2018a A first introduction
FE2021 Solo violin music by other composers which is less demanding
FE2002 The prelude and fugue from Bach’s Sonata in C arranged for 3 violins


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