Winter: Il Maometto Overture



FE07                  2222/4210/timps,perc strings

Maestoso; (Allegro assai)

Stark unisons open the maestoso which eventually lead to full and satisfying harmony. The fast section with an oriental sounding theme with cymbal clashes and unisons develops into an energetic tutti. The 2nd subject is a cleverly and charmingly altered version of the 1st subject. Pauses and chords interrupt the flow before an extraordinarily cacophonous passage ensues. The recapitulation builds to an exciting climactic coda.

Duration 8 minutes

Full score £16

Set of parts wind and strings (44332) £80

Extra string parts £4

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Extra cello part, Extra double bass part, Extra viola part, Extra vln 1 part, Extra vln 2 part, Score, Set of parts


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