Mozart: Non tardar amato bene K492, no. 27 for soprano and orchestra



FE104        Soprano and orchestra

Recitative: ‘Giunse il momento al fine’ and Aria: ‘Non tardar amato bene’ K492, No. 27 (orchestrated by Charles Mackerras)

This is an early sketch for Susanna’s aria ‘Deh vieni’ in the 4th Act of ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’ which apparently was to precede Figaro’s diatribe against women, ‘Aprite un po’ quegli occhi’. The recitative is much more extensive than the final version when the order of the arias was reversed. Mozart never got further than writing the voice,1st violin and bass parts for the recitative and the voice and bass parts for the half aria which he then abandoned in favour of the present order of arias. Appropriately for Susanna’a disguise as the Countess, Mozart’s aria is in the Countess’s key of E flat major. I therefore thought it appropriate to use Mozart’s favourite instrument in the key of E flat, the clarinet, and I have made the orchestral colouring as “Countess-ish” as possible. Mozart never got round to composing music for the allegro section and so I have composed a “playout” of 3 bars in the character of the opening andante. Apart from that, notes in the bass not by Mozart are indicated in brackets. Suggestions for appoggiaturas and a cadenza have been added in appropriate places.
Charles Mackerras.

Duration: 9 mins

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