Reicha: Overture Gusman d’Alfarache



Reicha: Overture Gusman d’Alfarache
FE171                                                                       – strings

            Antoine Reicha     Overture Gusman d’Alfarache


Although operatic success eluded him, Reicha was very excited by the form and plunged a number of times into projects which came to nothing. Such a case was that of Gusman d’Alfarache which was planned as a one-act opera comique. It was never staged because the principal singer was reluctant to commit to the role. The librettists got frustrated with waiting and rewrote the libretto for stage performances at the Vaudeville Theatre where it ran for 30 performances! Meanwhile Reicha had written most of the music including the overture, which is extremely unusual and is a set of free and extensive variations on the La Follia theme.

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