Mozart: The other Concertos for violin and orchestra



FE86              Solo violin, wind (0202 2000) and strings 

Violin Concertos from:
K185 in F Andante Allegro
K203 in B flat (Andante) Menuetto (Allegro)
K204 in A Andante moderato Menutto Allegro
K250 in D Andante Menuetto Rondo: Allegro

There are eleven beautiful movements by Mozart for solo violin and orchestra that even most violinists hardly know about, let alone know the music. These are the concertos embedded in the middle of four of his serenades. Most people know the Haffner Serenade K250 with its violin concerto in the middle but there are three other serenades, two, K203 and K204, with three movement concertos and one, K185, with a two movement concerto. The serenades are huge pieces with usually eight or nine movements which means that they hardly ever get performed. This edition publishes these violin concertos so they may easily be studied and performed separately. They are in one volume either as a score or for violin with piano reduction. The orchestral parts are available separately for each piece.

SEE ALSO FE87 for violin and piano reduction

Full score  £25

K185 (2 movements): Set of parts wind (0200 0200) and strings (44221) £40

K203 (3 movements): Set of parts wind (0200 0200) and strings (44221) £60

K204 (3 movements): Set of parts wind (0200 0200) and strings (44221) £60

K250 (3 movements): Set of parts wind (0202 0200) and strings (44221) £60

Extra string parts £4

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K185, K203, K204, K250


Extra basso part, Extra viola part, Extra vln 1 part, Extra vln 2 part, Score, Set of parts


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