Mozart: The other Symphonies



Mozart: The Other Symphonies (in preparation)

Symphony in D major K111 120 (Ascanio in Alba)

Symphony in D major K126 163 (Sogno di Scipione)

Symphony in C major K208 102 (Il Re pastore)

Symphony in D major K196 121 (La finta Giardiniera)

Symphony in D major K204

Symphony in D major K250 (Haffner serenade)

Symphony in D major K320 (Posthorn serenade)

There are a number of symphonies of Mozart in addition to the traditional 38 (Symphony 37 is by Johann Michael Haydn with a slow introduction added by Mozart, symphony 2 is by Leopold Mozart and Symphony 3 is by Carl Friedrich Abel). These symphonies were constructed and performed by Mozart from his operatic overtures and serenades.

 The operatic overtures to Ascanio in Alba, Il Sogno di Scipione, La Finta Giardiniera and Il Re pastore  all had last movements added and in the case of Il Re pastore the first aria of the opera was adapted as the slow movement of the symphony with a solo oboe in place of the soprano.

 As for the serenades; with K320 (Posthorn), K204 and K250 (Haffner) Mozart selected movements from these 7 or 8 movement works to create symphonies. For the symphonies from K320 and K250 he added timpani parts and in K250 in addition rewrote some material in the trio of the minuet.

 This series is the first time these symphonies have all been published separately and with orchestral parts available.



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