Schubert: Ivy Leaves Volume 4 for clarinet and piano



FE136 Clarinet and piano
arranged for clarinet and piano by
Carl Baermann (1810-1885)

Lob der Tränen D 711 (?1818)
Ellen’s dritter Gesang III D 839 (1825)
Erstarrung; Winterreise D 911/4 (1827)

These are beautiful arrangements of three of Schubert’s best-loved songs and are a great addition to the clarinet repertoire for that reason alone. But this edition carries much more importance than that. As Jane Booth, the editor of this volume, writes:

“Only rarely do transcriptions include the full text of the Lieder within both the instrumental and piano scores. Baermann’s texts compel the player to take the expressive implications of the words carefully into account. In this respect, his Ivy Leaves have real value to instrumentalists who may rediscover a rhetorical basis for musical expression much discussed in baroque and classical performance practice but rarely considered in relation to late nineteenth-century performing styles.

This volume is based on a single source dating from around 1877. These fascinating arrangements for clarinet and piano of selected Schubert Lieder formed a part of the private collection of the late Sir Nicholas Shackleton who entrusted me with copies some years before his untimely death. The collection of ‘Ivy Leaves’ (Epheublätter), published by Johann André of Offenbach-am-Main (No. 12029) was a constant fascination given the particular editorial interventions Carl Baermann made to the musical texts. The edition presented here faithfully recreates Baermann’s transcriptions; any divergences from his text are individually discussed in the Critical Commentary.”

Duration 25 mins

Piano score and clarinet part


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