Winter: Concerto in D minor for violin with piano reduction



FE46             Solo violin and piano reduction

Allegro; Romance, Adagio; Allegro

This powerful piece unusually, for a classical violin concerto, in the minor key is full of the juxtaposition of ‘sturm und drang’ elements and ingratiatingly pleasing tunes typical of Winter’s writing for the stage. As one would expect from a composer who had been a professional violinist since the age of 10, it is very idiomatically written for the violin and contains some shapes in the passagework that seem to be unique to Winter. The solo part explores the full range of the violin up to top E together with double stopping and ‘una corda’ writing. Altogether an engaging and challenging piece!

Duration: 25 mins

See FE82 for orchestral parts

Solo violin and piano reduction £10


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