Weiland: Ninth Quartet Op. 64



Weiland: Ninth Quartet Op. 64

Awe-inspired, humble depictions of The Dreaming from
the c.60,000 years’ oral tradition of Aboriginal Australia

I origins of the Sturt’s Desert Pea
Wimbakobolo / Purleemil, of the starry eyes, singer of sweet songs /
Tirlta and the tribe from Callawatta

Allegretto – Andante grazioso – Allegretto

II origins of the Emu and the Bustard
Dinewan / Goomblegubbon

Allegro – Passepied – Allegro

III Corrobboree

Menuetto & Trio

IV Goolmai
legend of the Nar-oong-owie
lament for the two wives of Ngroondoorie (Ngarrindjeri)

Dirge: Poco adagio

V “the bright little” Gidgereegahs *

Introduction – Allegretto – Allegro vivace –

VI Homage to Truganini of Lunawanna-alonnah

Mesto e solenne – Adagio

duration: approx. 27ʹ

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Collected Quartets
Volume I (Quartets 1,3,4,5 & 6) score only also available FE 4031
Volume II (Quartets 7,8 & 9) score only also available FE 4059

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