Reicha, Antoine Twelve Duos for violin & cello Op. 84



FE191           Antoine Reicha Twelve Duos for violin & cello Op. 84

preceded by a short treatise on 2 part Harmony

This unusual publication combines a treatise on 2-part composition with twelve varied and inventive duos for violin and cello. Although Reicha’s initial intention is clearly didactic he surpasses any hint of a purely academic approach with these substantial and engaging duos, which stand as a great set independently of their original illustrative purpose. Most are in 2 movements but Duos 9 & 10 have 3. Duo 9 also contains a fascinating imitation of the Aeolian Harp. There is also the bonus of an extra duo for violin and viola. The treatise appears in the original French and in a translation by Michael Bulley.

Score & parts £20