Oswald: Airs for the Seasons for 3 violins, book 1 (1st position)



Arranged by Roy Mowatt

The Ranunculus: Moderaro; Allegro Andante; Tempo di Minuetto
The Crocus: Moderato; Allegro assai
The Heliotrope: Affetuoso;Allegro; Largo amoroso
The Belvedere: Largo amoroso; Allegro
The Golden Rod: Andante; Allegro moderato; Minuetto

£9-99 (comprises 3 copies of the score)

The 2 volumes of Airs for the Seasons in Scots folk style are wonderfully natural and uplifting. The first volume is all in 1st position whilst the second volume moves into 2nd and 3rd. However, the first volume already uses keys up to 2 flats and so they are graded 2-3. As with Book 2, they also work as duets if the top and bottom lines are played.

Score and parts £9-99 



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