Weiland, Douglas Concerto for Flute & Orchestra Op. 48



Weiland, Douglas                                                                                     Concerto for Flute & Orchestra Op. 48
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Op.48 (2014)

This is a grand, dynamic, modern classical concerto, written for and dedicated to Susan Milan. It is in three movements with a duration of approximately 45 minutes. The main bulk of the work was written between May 2013 and August 2014, with some initial sketches from 2010.

Douglas Weiland had an ambitious thought in the back of his mind when writing this Concerto. Why is it that there isn’t a wind concerto of the grandeur and weight comparable to those of e.g., Brahms and Beethoven for the violin? Was it down to a kind of perceived hierarchy in the ‘social’ order of musical instruments? Or was this attributable to sensible, practical or even purely musical considerations? Is it more demanding in terms of stamina to blow than to bow that long? Is the spectrum of tone-colour and the span of expressive nuance inferior, one to the other, making it that much more problematic to sustain aural satisfaction for that length of time?

This work triumphantly shows that any such assumptions or prejudices are groundless. Although it may be more demanding to blow than to bow, with a thoughtful construction this is not an issue. Any thoughts of a limited palate are likewise dispelled by an inspired integration of the soloist and orchestra.

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