Stamitz: 6 Sonatas Op. 1 for 2 violins and cello (in preparation)




Sonata 1 in C: Allegro; Andante ma non Adagio; Menuet; Allegro
Sonata 2 in A: Allegro assai; Andante poco Adagio; Menuet; Presto
Sonata 3 in F: Allegro molto; Larghetto; Menuet; Giga
Sonata 4 in D; Presto assai; Andante ma non Adagio; Menuet; Allegro spiritoso
Sonata 5 in B flat: Presto; Lento; Menuet; Allegro
Sonata 6 in G: Allegro di molto; Larghetto; Menuet; Allegro

Also called ‘Orchestral Trios’ in some sources, these versatile sonatas can be played one-to-a-part or with massed forces. They are typical products of the Mannheim School with lots of dynamic variety and crescendos. Played with single strings, the first violin is around Grade 6 whilst the other parts are no more than Grade 4. On the other hand, with more people on each line, the 1st violin part could be attempted by less experienced players, if there are some stronger players there as well.

Score and set of parts per sonata £4-99
Extra parts £1-00

Multi-buy option 6 trios for £19-99

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Multibuy all 6 Sonatas, Sonata 2, Sonata 3, Sonata 4, Sonata 5, Sonata 6, Sonata1


Extra cello parts, Extra double bass parts, Extra viola parts, Extra vln 1 parts, Extra vln 2 parts, Score and parts


cello, double bass, viola, violin 1, violin 2


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