Handel: Muzio Scevola



FE92                                        0,2,0,2 strings

[Largo]; [Allegro]

Muzio Scevola is a ‘pasticcio’ with only the third act by Handel, the first and second acts by Filippo Amadei and Giovanni Bononcini respectively. Premiered at the Kings Theatre on 15th. April 1721, it ran for 10 performances and received three further performances in 1722.

In this finely crafted overture, Handel seems determined to ascertain his superiority over his two competitors. In the opening section the composer calls on all resources available, rushing demi-semiquaver scales, rich scoring with three independent violin lines and to crown it all an ingenious canon at a bars’ distance between the top and bottom of the orchestra. Coupled with a lively contrasted 3 time fast section with attractive  solos for the Oboes and Bassoons, Handel’s audience can have been left in no doubt as to who was the superior of the three composers’ involved.

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