Fountayne Collection for 2 violas, volume 1 (1st position)



Arranged by Roy Mowatt

French Traditional Tobacco
English Traditional This Old Man
Thomas Morley (1657/7-1602) Now is the Month of Maying
Scottish Traditional Skye Boat Song
Purcell (1659-1695) Come ye Sons of Art
19th Century American Amazing Grace
English traditional Scarborough Fair
English Traditional Greensleeves
Beethoven (1770-1827) Ode to Joy

This collection is aimed at bginners and the difficulty ranges from pre-Grade 1 to Grade 2 . The second viola part is designed for the teacher but is not particularly demanding and could be played by a more advanced pupil. We have set out to have really good tunes, not just those that conform to Grade 1 requirements. The mixtures of folk and art music, well-known and less well-known music will also keep the interest of both pupil and teacher!

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