Pleyel: Sinfonie Concertante in E Flat for violin, viola, cello, oboe and ripieno



FE106   solo violin, solo viola, solo cello, solo oboe and ripieno (2 horns, 1 violin, 1 viola, [1 cello], 1 contrabass)

This Sinfonie concertante was extremely popular, and was produced in many different editions during the 18th century, including André 1789, Dale 1795, Longman and Broderip 1793, Preston 1800, and Imbault 1788 & 1792 [on which this edition is based]. It was first performed on December 8th 1786 at the ‘Concert des Amateurs’ in Paris.

It is in an interestingly hybrid form. In the 18th century editions it is generally referred to as a ‘Sinfonie concertante’, but on one occasion it is called a ‘Serenate’ and on another, a ‘Divertisment’. Unlike most Sinfonies concertantes it seems to be written for one player on each part like a divertimento. Sinfonies concertantes, of course, usually exploit the contrasts between soloists and an orchestra. The lowest part is called ‘basso’ in the part but ‘contra-basse’ on the title page. It seems it could be played by 1 cello and 1 contrabass together but works very well with a single contrabass player.

Duration: 20 mins

Full score
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Extra basso part, Extra vla part, Extra vln 1 part, Extra vln 2 part, Score, Set of parts


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