Modus Operandi Workbooks for Violin and Viola Players Turnbull, E



Modus Operandi Workbooks for Violin and Viola Players Turnbull, E

These books have been written for amateur string players: mature learners, players who are resuming after a break of many years and young players between Grades 4 and 8. Many of these players wish to participate in orchestras, ensembles, and chamber music. In all of these situations they will be faced with repertoire that is technically and musically very demanding. In truth they are attempting to play the very same works as professional musicians without always having the necessary support and information in rehearsals, or enough time to master the technical issues. The book is designed to help these players to create a basis on which to develop an ever-improving instrumental ability.

My experience of working with amateur string ensembles has given me an insight into those areas of playing that cause the greatest difficulty: rapid passages, accidentals, key signatures, enharmonic changes, changes of time signatures, rhythms and bowings all cause anxiety and uncertainty. Working through the schedule of exercises covered in this book will help in all these areas. This will take time and needs to be approached methodically with patience and optimism.

I have often observed amateurs distressed because they cannot play a new passage rapidly. In order to play quickly you need to be able to bypass the reading process, or to be so at ease with it that it merely acts as a prompt – “Familiarity breeds tempo.” This again takes time and the study of all the material in this book will greatly improve that ability. You must be familiar with the geography of the fingerboard, be able to execute bowings and you must have the musculature to move the fingers and bow at great speed.

Elizabeth Turnbull August 2019

FE2069    Modus Operandi workbook for violinists volume 1

FE2070    Modus Operandi workbook for violinists volume 2

FE2071    Modus Operandi workbook for viola players volume 1

FE2071    Modus Operandi workbook for viola players volume 2

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Viola volume 1, Viola volume 2, Violin volume 1, Violin volume 2