Mascitti, Michel Concerto Grosso Op. 7 no. 4



Mascitti, Michel Concerto Grosso Op. 7 no. 4
FE168           Michel Mascitti      Concerto grosso Op. 7 no. 4 1727

                                    Vivace;          Passagaglia variata


Although written in the Concerto grosso form with concertante and ripieno groups, this sumptuous work is written in the French style. It has a great affinity with Handel. Although Handel’s concerti grossi Op. 3 were not published until 1734, it is fascinating to speculate whether Mascitti had seen some of them in manuscript form. If he hadn’t, it is quite remarkable how many passages could be mistaken for Handel. The concerto starts with an impressive and majestic French overture but instead of the expected suite of dances is followed by a monumental passacaglia of some 333 bars.

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