Handel: Acis and Galatea Sinfonia



FE115                            0,2,0,0 strings (no violas)


Acis and Galatea was written and performed  in 1718 at Cannons, Edgware, whilst Handel was composer in residence to James Brydges, Earl of Carnarvon.

The delightful Sinfonia with its extensive duo solos for Oboes makes a delightful concert piece, and is most suitable as an encore. Why it is not often used in this way is because in the complete work it runs into an initial chorus, however, the excision of those few bars of oboe solo and the re-arrangement of three or four notes make for a very effective ‘concert ending’ The minor arrangement as fordescribed is the work of the present editor.

It is traditional, stylish, and indeed with the composer’s tempo marking of ‘Presto’ probably necessary for the Oboe players to slur the solo semiquaver passages in pairs. (In forty –odd year’s acquaintance with the piece, both as performer and listener, the editor has never once experienced it played any other way.)

With respect to Handel’s inconsistencies regarding ties between the oboe parts, the editor has left any decisions to the discretion of the performers.  

Anthony Robson 2010

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