Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Orchestral Suite in G minor BWV 1070



FE182                       W. F. Bach    Orchestral Suite in G minor BWV 1070


This orchestral suite by W. F. Bach has five movements: an opening Overture in the French style, a Turneo, an Aria, a Menuet and Trio pair, and a final fugal Capricio. The choice of movements shows the dual nature of the music, with traditional movements being juxtaposed with non-traditional ones (the Turneo is the only example of the genre in either of the Bachs’ output). The style of the music also shows this hybridity, with galant passages in simple diatonic harmony being placed next to sections in a more learned and chromatic style.

The goal of this edition is to present a clear interpretation of the many inconsistencies found in the manuscript, and to present a reliable, modern and performable edition of the work. This edition has been designed to be performed both with a full string orchestra or, perhaps more stylistically, with a single player to each part; other instruments, such as flutes and oboes, can also be added effectively to certain movements. The set of parts include a figured version of the continuo for ease of performance.

Score £15

Set of parts [3,3,2,2,1] £40

Extra parts £4

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Extra basso part, Extra viola part, Extra vln 1 part, Extra vln 2 part, Full score, Set of parts