Stott: Gulliver’s Ear for string trio



Stott: Gulliver’s Ear for string trio



Composer’s Note

At the time of writing Gulliver’s Ear I was working as Composer-in-Residence at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in England.  In response to the experience of watching an operation on the ear, and seeing it enlarged under a microscope, I had the idea to compose a piece which would illustrate, in music, the means by which we hear music.  It then occurred to me to structure this as a series of ‘adventures’ in the manner of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels – the difference being that whereas the eponymous Gulliver records his observations of the Lilliputians in words, they record their investigations of his ear in musical notation.


The string trio seemed to me the perfect medium for which to compose this piece.  I have used the three instruments to represent the outer (viola), middle (cello) and inner (violin) ears, and also, in the third movement, the hammer, anvil and stirrup (bones within the middle ear).  For this reason it may be worth considering seating the players with the cello in the middle.

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