Pleyel, Ignaz Partita for Wind in E flat major



Pleyel, Ignaz Partita for Wind in E flat major

FE159         Allegro; Andante con variazio; Menuetto; Adagio; Rondo:Allegro

The Parthia in Dis was not originally written for winds but rather for orchestra as the Symphonie Concertante in Eb [FE106]. Composed in 1786 and included in Rita Benton’s thematic catalog as Ben 111, the work’s premiere was on the Schönfeld- Pleyel Concert des amateurs, a concert series sponsored by the city of Strasbourg, France.

Pleyel’s original symphonie concertante was scored for solo violin, viola, cello and oboe with orchestral accompaniment for two horns and strings. Instruments used in both the original symphonie concertante and arrangements for Harmonie include the oboe and two horns. The horn parts in the Parthia in Dis use almost all of the original material, with new material existing in the form of melodic material in Movement I and accompanimental material in Movement II’s Variations II, III and V.

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