Handel: Jephtha Overture



FE100                                          0,2,0,[1] strings

(Maestoso); Allegro; [lentement]; Menuet

Jephtha was premiered in Covent Garden in 1752 and had 3 performances, with a further 4 before Handel’s death in 1759. The title role was taken by John Beard, who was the creator of many of the composer’s Tenor roles since being taken under Handel’s wing in 1734. Jephtha was certainly the last work to come completely from Handel’s pen, as his eyesight was failing rapidly during it’s committal to paper. The autograph has the famous annotated note near the end of the second act where Handel admits of being unable to carry on with his work due to the weakening sight in his left eye. Most poignantly Morell’s text at this moment reads ‘How dark O Lord are thy Decrees, all hid from mortal sight!’

This Overture was originally intended to be performed in the projected (but never performed) play of ‘Alceste’ planned for Covent Garden in 1750.


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