Handel: Il Pastor fido (1712) Overture



FE120                                              0202 strings

(Largo) – (Allegro);   Largo;   Allegro;   Menuett;   Adagio;   (Allegro)    

Il Pastor Fido was premiered at the King’s Theatre in November 1712 where it ran for 7 performances. It was revived in 1734 albeit in vastly altered form and with a replacement overture, (see FE 21 ed. Roy Mowatt.)

The original overture of 1712 is a 6 movt. masterpiece, and a substantial addition to the Handelian concert repertoire. The old Chrysander edition however is so inaccurate as to be unusable. For some inexplicable reason the editor chose to use the Walsh edition of the piece which not only omitted the crucial 2nd Bassoon solos but also the  

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